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in West Stockbridge

The village of West Stockbridge is fortunate to have a number of vibrant community resources available to residents and visitors alike. We have available events for the artist, a library fully stocked for the curious mind, open worship at two local churches, and wellness services for a healthy body. 


Staying awhile or want to move here? We have a real estate brokerage firm, a retail flooring store, a landscape designer, a furniture designer, two home stylists, a bank and post office, as well as an automobile repair shop - all right in the center of town. For children, there is a town beach, a skate park and a playground, as well as spectacular summer camp for teens.  And, we are lucky to have the Local Yokela free monthly magazine serving the community. The town of West Stockbridge may be small, but has so much to offer!

Guild of Berkshire Artist's
West Stockbridge Playground
Guild of Berkshire Artist's
Crane Lake Camp West Stockbridge MA Berk
West Stockbridge Public Library West Sto
West Stockbridge Town Hall

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