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There is no shortage of adventures to embark upon when visiting the town of West Stockbridge! If you are looking for fun things to do while in the Berkshires, then we've got quite a few options that are worth discovering


Right in the center of town, Turn Park Art Space—an outdoor sculpture park—combines the natural dramatic scenery of the marble quarry with innovative large-scale sculptures. Rotating art installations and performance art can be enjoyed at both Turn Park and a new arts venue, The Foundry, the new home of The Berkshire Fringe Festival and Bazaar Productions. 



Turn Park Art Space

A community-driven Farmer's Market is active in the center of town during the summer months drawing locals and curious visitors. The merchants are proudly selling their locally-made products, as well as farm-grown plants and flowers, fruits and vegetables. Live musicians and children's activities keep the festive vibe alive! Find the rooster for a prize!

Hiking and biking are central to the Berkshire lifestyle, and West Stockbridge has several sites lovingly maintained by the Berkshire Natural Resources Council. Take the trail head at Olivia’s Overlook for a breathtaking view of the Stockbridge Bowl or walk through the light-dappled forest of Stevens Glen to reach the waterfall.


Be sure to save enough time to launch your canoe in the inter-connected waterways that make West Stockbridge so enjoyable to visit. Waterbirds such as geese, ducks and sometimes swans, can be seen nesting and diving for food on Shaker Mill Pond. Williams River has a blue heron often fishing its shallow waters. 

Turn Park Art Space

For the curious, open-minded and lover of life & art, we invite you to visit Turn Park Art Space.


Built at the site of an old marble quarry - a splendid natural setting with unusual terrain and a fascinating story - the sculpture park was created by Igor Gomberg and Katya Brezgunova as a space that unites people, inspires them and offers a place for artistic experiment.


West Stockbridge Farmers Market

Rooster (2).png

Located at The Green at the Foundry

West Stockbridge

The West Stockbridge Farmers Market will be held on Thursdays from May 28 until October 1, 2020, rain or shine, between 3 and 7 pm.  Selling local produce and foods, plus you can enjoy the taste of the culinary delights of local chefs. There is music to enjoy, as well as the chance to win a weekly raffle. Make Thursdays a day to remember!


The Foundry

2 Harris Street

West Stockbridge

Built in 1994 as a glass blowing studio, the building’s name references its roots. Now the venue produces theater, music, comedy, spoken word, educational workshops and more, providing a safe place to create dangerous work. Work that counteracts the passive, the isolating, the distance between people. Come experience joyful creation, partake in brave exploration, meet the person sitting next to you, share about what you’re seeing, buy them a drink. Our goal is to present relevant performing and visual art that is accessible for diverse audiences; art that connects and inspires us, and incites us to leap across cultural boundaries. The Foundry is a holding tank for raw, funny, challenging, empowering work that changes the lens through which we view each other.


Olivia's Overlook

Richmond Mountain Road

West Stockbridge/Richmond line

The vista from Olivia’s Overlook towards the Stockbridge Bowl is breathtaking, but did you know that it’s also the trailhead for more than 6 miles of hiking trails? From here you can access: Walsh (easy access), Charcoal, and Burbank Trails. Those trails connect to Brothers Trail, lead you to Monks Pond, or are very near to Jackson Pond’s boardwalk.


Stevens Glen

Lenox Mountain Road

West Stockbridge

Stevens Glen is a 19th century tourist attraction, reborn for the 21st century. It's features include a waterfall through a romantic rock cleft, a stream to dabble feet on a hot day, and a viewing platform with a bench for reflection. A deep hemlock forest also awaits the adventurer!


Photos by Ken Kelly


West Stockbridge

Shaker Mill Pond

Cranberry Pond

Mud Ponds

Crane Lake

West Stockbridge

Late April is the perfect time of year to embark on a paddler's exploration of the the four beautiful ponds interconnected by flat water streams in West Stockbridge. They are a pleasure to canoe, although paddlers are cautioned that the streams may not be navigable later in the year when water levels drop. 

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