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Art is alive and well in West Stockbridge! We have galleries displaying everything from large-scale Russian sculptures designed to complement the West Stockbridge landscape to the artist yearning to be recognized. We have a mobile artist who can harness the wind and a gallery with grass for carpet! The newest performing arts venue offers presentations that push boundaries in music and theater. The unique selection of galleries in town is sure to delight your creative side! 

The Foundry

2 Harris Street

West Stockbridge

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Built in 1994 as a glass blowing studio, the building’s name references its roots. Now the venue produces theater, music, comedy, spoken word, educational workshops and more, providing a safe place to create dangerous work. Work that counteracts the passive, the isolating, the distance between people. Come experience joyful creation, partake in brave exploration, meet the person sitting next to you, share about what you’re seeing, buy them a drink. Our goal is to present relevant performing and visual art that is accessible for diverse audiences; art that connects and inspires us, and incites us to leap across cultural boundaries. The Foundry is a holding tank for raw, funny, challenging, empowering work that changes the lens through which we view each other.

Hotchkiss Mobiles Gallery

8 Center Street

West Stockbridge

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The first word spoken when entering Hotchkiss Mobiles Gallery is often "WOW!" This 'Museum for Mobiles' is the gallery and studio of nationally recognized artist Joel Hotchkiss. His pieces—for interior and garden settings—are sold throughout the United States and Europe, most notably at the Guggenheim in New York, the National Gallery in DC and MOMA in San Francisco.  Joel also does commissions for residential and commercial spaces. Open Studio Daily is available to the public where the designing and fabricating of the mobiles is done, sharing his mobile making experience.  


Six Depot Gallery

6 Depot Street

West Stockbridge

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The Six Depot Gallery is located in the open central space of the historic West Stockbridge Train Station - where great food, drink, art, performance and community converge.


The gallery showcases local and international artists and also serves as an event space featuring live theater, music, dance, poetry slams, lectures, film series, book launches, classes & tastings, pop up shops and--yes, oh, yes--dance parties. 

Turn Park Art Space

2 Moscow Road

West Stockbridge

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For the curious, open-minded and lover of life & art, we invite you to visit Turn Park Art Space.


Built at the site of an old marble quarry - a splendid natural setting with unusual terrain and a fascinating story - the sculpture park was created by Igor Gomberg and Katya Brezgunova as a space that unites people, inspires them and offers a place for artistic experiment. 

Hoffman Pottery

103 Great Barrington Rd/Rte. 41

West Stockbridge

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When customers approach Hoffman Pottery, they cannot stop smiling due to the overwhelming whimsy in the gardens! Elaine Hoffman enjoys making a variety of different kinds of pottery. She loves to throw on the potter’s wheel, which she finds wonderfully meditative. She also does hand building with slabs of clay and hand rolled coils - braided and woven to create asymmetrical works and pieces that are askew. Elaine has an appetite for color, and enjoys putting the same color next to different colors and observing how the color changes. Her showroom is a vibrant feast of hues. Venture off the beaten path to Hoffman Pottery.

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